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Octopress Search Now With Lunr.js

Until now this blog’s search had been powered by Tapir. A great solution, but it stopped working a few weeks ago, probably due to moving this blog to HTTPS.

Fortunately there is a new search engine on the block called lunr.js written in Javascript, so it can run even on a static blog. There are ready-made plugins for Octopress, Jekyll and Ghost.

It works great, give it a try by using the search box of this blog.

What’s Changed at Cloudnode

It’s been some busy, moustached months here at Cloudnode. We are getting ready to leave the beta. Some things still need to be done, but here is an update on the new features you can already use.


The new entry point gives an overview of your current status. It displays an overview of your applications, databases and additional infos regarding your account at Cloudnode.

Fig 1: The Dashboard

CouchDB Version 1.5 Now Available

We have upgraded to CouchDB version 1.5. During the process all your existing databases were migrated. For the first time we also added GeoCouch. You can now start building geo apps backed by CouchDB using GeoJSON and bounding-box searches.

The new CouchDB version features an adapted futon with autologin when called from the dashboard, full online documentation and an early version of fauxton, the next generation of CouchDB’s WebGUI.

Redis Persistence and Backups in Production

Our main web site (http://cloudno.de) runs as an app on the Cloudnode platform among all other Node.js apps. It is an express powered content management system backed by Redis running in the RDB persistence model. Redis stores everything and it is important to have database backups.

As a Cloudnode user ourselves, we don’t need to take care of Redis backups, its done for us. Every database running on the Cloudnode platform is backed up on a daily basis.