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You Can Now Edit Code Through a Web IDE

The new Web IDE allows you to view and edit your files using a browser from everywhere through the Cloudnode Developer Shell. You have Linux tools, Cloudnode tools and Docker at your fingertips no matter what client computer you are using.

The Web IDE is based on Eclipse Orion, which aims to give you an always accessible development environment without setup and configuration. The Orion service runs on your VM as long as your shell is running.

Introducing Cloudnode Developer Shell

You can now manage your apps and databases no matter where you are. Building on the ability to open a shell from the browser we are launching Cloudnode Developer Shell, which extends from just a VM to all aspects of the platform.

MongoDB, a New Database Option at Cloudnode

We have expanded our data layer. You can now provision a MongoDB for your apps the same way you have been doing for CouchDB and Redis. This significantly expands the range of apps you can run on our platform without relying on third parties.

MongoDB comes free with every Cloudnode account including backup services.

Public Beta: December 10th

The new docker based architecture is now up and running. We are confident that the new platform can cope with future demand for Node.js apps and databases.

The Public Beta starts on December 10th, 2015. Then we will be open for anyone who would like to host their apps with us. A signup invite will no longer be required. Stay tuned!

Re-Architecting Nodester

For those who wonder why our hosting service is not yet generally available, we are having scaling issues. The original Nodester ran on one big instance where Node.js servers used a socket/port in a jail and Nodejitsu’s node-http-proxy servers where routing the traffic to the servers.

There were a few problems with this approach: