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Introducing DevShell SSH Access

Running DevShell in the browser is great, but sometimes you want more and wish that you could do SSH tricks, like tunneling and remote copying, or entering special characters.

Node.js Version 6.10.2 Now Available

You can now choose the latest Node.js v6 version for your apps. This is the Long Term Support version purported to receive LTS maintenance until 2019-04-01, so you should make the change. You will also get a lot of improvements and new features:

You Can Now Edit Code Through a Web IDE

The new Web IDE allows you to view and edit your files using a browser from everywhere through the Cloudnode Developer Shell. You have Linux tools, Cloudnode tools and Docker at your fingertips no matter what client computer you are using.

Introducing Cloudnode Developer Shell

You can now manage your apps and databases no matter where you are. Building on the ability to open a shell from the browser we are launching Cloudnode Developer Shell, which extends from just a VM to all aspects of the platform.