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We Are Now Running Node.JS v0.4.0

Our platform is now running the shiny new node v0.4.0. As we started on v0.3.8, no recompilation of binary extensions is required. For the changelog on v0.4.0 see the the Node.JS site.

There are currently a lot of changes coming from Chris and Dan working hard on the Nodester Open Source hosting software which is also the foundation of our cloudnode platform. There is a lot to come. Stay tuned.

We have also started to collect some sample Node.JS apps which we want to feature in the application directory. This should also help testing the compatibility of the platform. If you have some insteresting stuff, you would like to see there, let us know in the comments. Cool projects will get an immediate invite.

We started our collection with the node-chat classic written by scottgonzalez.

Live Demo: http://chat.cloudno.de/