| The dev blog for cloudno.de, a new Node.js hosting platform.

A Big Update for Cloudnode

All main components of Cloudnode are currently under heavy development. Today we have updated everything:

  • Cloudnode Frontend
  • Node.js 0.4.10
  • npm 1.0.22
  • Nodester
  • Cloudnode-cli 0.2.19

What Is New

Cloudnode Fontend

The frontend has been updated to support the new platform changes. Nearly all platform tasks can now be done using the Web frontend like: creating new applications and repositories, managing applcations and managing accounts. For extra comfort all repositories can now be managed using the excellent git-web.

Node.js 0.4.10

Node.js has been updated to the latest version 0.4.10. Its stable API version insures the best compatibility with currently developed Node.js programs.

Npm 1.0.22

We have also updated npm to the latest version 1.0.22. There have been many structural changes with the transition from 0.x to 1.x. Npm now supports global vs. local installations. If necessary, you can run multiple apps with different package module versions.


The latest Nodester version has added functions like "npm ls" to list installed packages in your Node VM or the "npm env" command to manage environment settings of your VM. There is one change that requires additional attention. The git repositories and application directories have been moved to different partitions. As a result the git URLs have been simplified.



Make sure to update your git remotes accordingly.

Cloudnode-cli 0.2.19

The command line client has been updated to support the new functions of the platform. It also defaults now to establish secure connections to protect your API key.