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We Now Support Multiple Node.js Versions

We have great news for those of you waiting to host Node.js version 0.6.x apps. You can now choose which version to use during application creation or by specifying a 'node_version' environment variable for existing apps. You can easily switch by setting the variable to 0.4 or 0.6 and restarting your application. 

The Log file will show which version is in use:

Application Log

11 Mar 19:45:22 - Inside Node Virtual Machine
11 Mar 19:45:22 - Version: v0.6.12
11 Mar 19:45:22 - Owning user: 501
11 Mar 19:45:22 - User Changed: 501
11 Mar 19:45:22 - Checking for /etc
11 Mar 19:45:22 - Update /etc/resolve.conf with Googles DNS servers..