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Monitor CPU & Memory Usage of Your Hosted Apps

Our new monitoring helps you to watch the CPU and memory usage of your apps and to identify problems early. If an app is breaking the govenor limits for an extended period, if will be automatically shut down to ensure the best overall performance of all apps. In a later version we will also support switching to a higher level making your app truely elastic and only consuming as much resources as needed.

The new app management page shows each of your apps with its current resource usage values:

  • RAM Usage - The permanently and exclusively allocated RAM
  • Virtual RAM - The total size of all allocated virtual RAM 
  • CPU Load - The load of the virtual CPU (1.0 = full load)
  • CPU Time - The Accumulated CPU time used since the app has been started

We are also storing these values in a Redis database to allow graphic output over a time period. (coming soon)