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Our Blog Now Powered by Octopress

Welcome to the relaunch of our Cloudnode blog. From the beginning it has been hosted on Posterous. After the acquisition of Posterous by Twitter, their new owners have decided to close Posterous down on April 30th, 2013. Its time now to find a new home for our blog.

Were To Go?

Posterous suggests to move to WordPress or Squarespace. There are also Tumbler and Blogger. But as we had to experience ourselves, hosted blogs have big disadvantages. We wanted more flexibility and were looking for a solution that could be hosted on multiple providers like Amazon S3, Google App Engine, GitHub and others.

Jekyll And Octopress

While looking for a blog engine that can be hosted on several platforms, one solution showed up several times. It seems to be best to have no engine at all, but generate static content which can be hosted everywhere. No database is needed and the performance is top notch. Octopress which is built on top of Jekyll is such a solution and a clever way to create a static blog.

And here it is, our new, fast, responsive and easy to maintain blog: