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What's Changed at Cloudnode

It's been some busy, moustached months here at Cloudnode. We are getting ready to leave the beta. Some things still need to be done, but here is an update on the new features you can already use.


The new entry point gives an overview of your current status. It displays an overview of your applications, databases and additional infos regarding your account at Cloudnode.

Fig 1: The Dashboard

Ticket System

If you need help, we are there for you. Simply open a ticket and we will resolve the issue. Create and view tickets directly from the dashboard.

Fig 2: Ticket System

PayPal™ Integration

When you are on a paid plan you can easily make your payments and we will ensure an uninterrupted service.

Secure Blog

We are preparing to serve everything over SSL. Google already takes SSL into account when calculating the page rank. They consider marking HTTP as non-secure.

Visit the secure blog here: https://blog.cloudno.de and update your bookmarks.