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Introducing DevShell SSH Access

Running DevShell in the browser is great, but sometimes you want more and wish that you could do SSH tricks, like tunneling and remote copying, or entering special characters.

You might also want to use your local MongoDB tool but you can't reach Cloudnode's MongoDB on a private net.

Real SSH access

The great news is, now you can. With the latest update we offer real SSH access to your DevShell. Your SSH connection is just a click away.

Fig 1: SSH Terminal Window

SSH URLs are not standardized and they might not work out of the box on your system. We have tested them with iTerm2 and they work great. On your setup you might need to copy the SSH link and open the terminal yourself. The link has the form: ssh://id@devshell.cloudno.de:2022. The equivalent command is:

ssh -p 2022 <id>@devshell.cloudno.de

For the usage of ssh see: https://man.openbsd.org/ssh.1